Best Hunting Backpack: A Review and Guide

Best Hunting Backpack

There are many bags available in the market today, and this makes it a case of personal choice to find the best hunting backpack. When hunting big game, you need a reliable backpack that can carry specific hunting gear you will need. The idea is to look for one that will alleviate your burden instead of being part of it. In this article, we review three of the best hunting backpacks you can find. 

Overall Best Hunting Backpack

ALPS Commander OutdoorZ -Plus Pack Bag 

If you are a big game hunter, this bag will impress you. It has lots of storage space that allows you to pack for a long hunting trip. After your kill, getting your meat home is easy as the bag has a sturdy frame to support the extra load. 

The packing and access of gear are simple because of the top-loader zip and a bottom zip access of items in different hunting backpack parts. 

The zippers are anti-noise and move smoothly, making you access items in your backpack without alerting the prey of your presence. With lots of pockets outside the bag, you can access items easily as it keeps you organized and avoids rummaging through the inside of your bag all the time.

It comes with a rifle holder to free your hands and a sturdy frame to support your load’s weight. 


  • Innovative design
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • It is a big game hunter backpack.
  • High-quality fabric 
  • Quiet/silent zippers
  • It has lots of pockets, including a rifle holder.


  • It is bulky when going for a short hunting trip. 

Best Meat Hauler and Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack 

It stands out as the most innovative hunting backpack design. The manufacturers have just what every successful hunter needs. To begin with, the Badlands 2200 has lots of functional space, meaning that you have enough compartmentalized spaces. 

As a meat hauler, you can find ways to carry the meat out of the woods inside your backpack without the fear of making a mess. It comes with a separate pocket zipper where you can stow the meat away from the rest of your gear. The bag has excellent air circulation, keeping your meat fresh until you reach home. Cleaning the fabric is easy and fast, making the backpack reusable again.

Other pockets are for the gear you will need like ammo and rifle. The rifle boot is impressive and secures your firearm in place as it frees your hand to navigate rough terrains. It is a well-balanced bag with adjustable straps to help with the even distribution of weight on your back.  

It is a comfortable camo backpack for everyone as the back of the bag has a foam that assumes your backs shape. The Badland 2200 is made of durable, waterproof, and strong materials. 


  • Of average size and can carry a load of 2200 cubic inches.
  • It has a moldable foam at the back for more comfort.
  • Extremely lightweight at only five pounds when empty
  • A camo backpack that comes with eight storage pockets
  • It keeps meat separate and fresh for more extended periods. 


  • It is a tall bag, especially when fully loaded, and thus can put pressure on the shoulders.

Best Hunting Backpack for Bows 

INSIGHTS Hunting Backpack -The Vision


Here is one for the bowhunter. It is a functional hunting backpack convenient for all types of bowhunting. The INSIGHTS hunter backpack model can carry arrows, a compound bow, optics, quiver, and any gear you may need for the hunt. It comes with a strap that allows you to wrap it around a tree, relieving your hands when on the hunt. 

The INSIGHTS bag is a durable backpack that will serve you for a long time. It has reinforced stitches at all the stress points, making it among the most sturdy and reliable. 

Most hunters that own this bag find no faults with the design or experience. It is comfortable on the back, and weight distribution is even. Some people also find it slightly oversized for hunting, but it is necessary to keep your entire bow covered. 


  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • It is a big game hunter backpack
  • High-quality fabric 


  • It is bulky when going for a short hunting trip

Buyers Guide to Best Hunting Backpack

Types of Hunting Backpacks

There are many backpack categories, but only two come in handy for hunting: a single day pack or a multi-day backpack. The difference is the capacity of storage available. Most single-day packs are lightweight and have only 3,000 cubic inches of internal space, enough for a day hunting activity.  

When going for a multi-day hunting trip, you need to pack lots of gear and items you need. A larger backpack is necessary and comes in various sizes. Anything above 4500 -7000 cubic inches worth of storage falls under the multi-day hunter’s backpack.

Fit and Adjustability

A comfortable backpack is one that fits all body types. Some of the best hunting backpack designs use a special foam at the back of the bag to take the hunters’ form. It is a way to distribute weight evenly, making your load easy to carry. 

A hunter’s backpack that does not fit the frame of the hunter can lead to backaches. When going for extended hunting trips, comfort is the last thing you can compromise. A bag with adjustable straps will also do the trick. Some come with extra straps that allow you to hang it on trees relieving pressure from your back when setting a stand. 


Choosing a hunting bag is not easy, considering the many designs and models that exist already. However, you can narrow down to two options, internal frame or external frame.

Both sets of frames have strengths and weaknesses. An external frame gives you needed support when ferrying the meat home after the hunt. The frame can support the heavy load you are carrying as it takes the pressure from your back and shoulders. It also allows air to flow between your body and the backpack, which is essential when hunting during hot days. 

Internal frames are not for heavy loads, but it compensates for comfort with what it lacks in size. The interior frame adopts the design by forming into your body type. The small size structure gives you greater stability and compactness when scaling the woods. 

The design also covers the aspect of storage pockets and carabiners. Most hunting backpacks require special compartments for carrying your weapon of choice, either bow, rifle, or pistol. An all-weather backpack that is durable will keep your load safe and dry. 


When going out on a hunt, there are so many things that you would want to carry. A hunting backpack has the providence of storage and functional design to ensure that you take everything you need. Today, most of the market bags offer so many of these features that settling for one design can be a tad bit intimidating. 

As you are now aware, a hunter’s backpack must have many functionalities meaning many features. At Cabela‚Äôs backpacks, you will find the Alps Commander Outdoor Z, and it is the ideal backpack for all your hunting needs. It is comfortable, has enough storage inside and outside the bag, and an impressive rifle boot to secure your firearm.