How to Dominate Your Fantasy Football League with DraftHound

Dominate Your Fantasy Football League with DraftHound

Do you love Fantasy Football? Do you spend hours agonizing over your draft picks, trying to figure out who to take and when? If you want to take your game to the next level, you need DraftHound. This site is packed with features that will help you dominate your league and make all your opponents green with envy.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at this site’s features and how it can help you achieve victory.

What is DraftHound?

DraftHound is a site created by fantasy football fanatics for fantasy football fanatics. It has been carefully designed to make your life easier and maximize your chances of victory at Fantasy Football.

DraftHound, simply put, is a site that provides insights into your favorite football league. The site provides in-depth FPL tips and probabilities for every single game week of the season. They have a team of experts who provide knowledgeable analysis on all things related to fantasy football, from players’ stats through bookmaker odds.

How Can DraftHound Help You Stay on Top of Your Fantasy Football League?

DraftHound has a couple of features  that make it an invaluable tool for fantasy football players, including:

Player Rankings:

The Player Rankings page offers a list of the top players in the Premier League and the Champions League. This feature uses predictive metrics and historical data to rate players and predict the chances of good performance in the next game.

This information is useful when drafting your FPL team and making transfers. It allows you to expand into the Player Profile:

Player ranking in Fantasy Football

The Player Profile page offers comprehensive information about a player, such as their performance (goals, assists, passes) and disciplinary history (red card, yellow card, suspension). The profile also includes the player’s position (e.g., defender) and their starting price for fantasy football this season.

From a player’s profile, you can also get upcoming fixtures and their probability of scoring, and the lineup prediction.

Predicted Lineups

DraftHound predicts lineups for every Premier League game and automatically updates them when new information is available. For example, if a player is injured or suspended, their predicted lineup will be updated accordingly.

The DraftHound Fantasy Football lineup predictions are helpful when you want to see which players are likely to play in the next round of fixtures. This information helps you replace or transfer out injured players (if possible) and avoid buying or drafting those who will not feature for your FPL team soon.

The lineup prediction page features all Premier League Teams, their predicted starting XI, the predicted formation, and the price of players.

Fixture Analysis

Also available on the website is the fixture analysis. This page includes a list of all Premier League fixtures and the probability of winning or losing in upcoming games, a clean sheet, and scoring more than two goals.

The Fixture Analysis page also has several filters to help you find the information that you need quickly and easily. For example, you can filter by date or team or the probability feature you want.

You can also use the Export function to export the data into a CSV file which can be opened in Excel or another spreadsheet application. This is extremely useful if you want to create your customized table or graph.

Fixture analysis in Fantasy Football

A team is as good as its players. This feature is also helpful when it comes to Fantasy Football as you can see how each team performs against every other team throughout the season to make better decisions on who to start and who to bench.

Player Comparison

This is probably the most important feature DraftHound has to offer FPL fanatics. The Player Comparison feature allows you to compare five players side by side and see how they perform against each other.

This is extremely helpful when it comes to Fantasy Football. You can easily select a player from your own roster and another one from someone else’s roster to make an informed decision on who should start for the week or even for the entire season.

You can also use this feature if you want an easy way of seeing which players are better than others at certain positions to know what holes need filling during drafts or trades.

If you’re replacing players on bye-week, this feature will come in handy to help you determine which player is a match for the one you’re replacing.


DraftHound is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to FPL. With its easy-to-use roster features and player comparisons, you can easily dominate your Fantasy Football league with this software. Whether you’re looking for help making decisions on who to start each week or trying to fill holes in your team, DraftHound is a valuable resource that you don’t want to miss out on.