Which is the Quietest Air Rifle?

Quietest Air Rifle

An air gun is perhaps the best firearm for hunting fast-moving targets, but which is the quietest air rifle? Ideally, air rifles are not the most silent weapons available, but most shooters still prefer their high performance over other models despite this disadvantage. 

In this piece, we will take a glimpse of some of the most silent air rifles that the current technology can offer. Note that the number of dedicated air rifle makers is increasing steadily; hence, searching for our best relies on thorough research. 

How Do Quiet Air Rifles Operate?

Our current technological advancements do not allow us to terminate the noise completely. However, major brands in this genre brag of products can reduce up to 50% of the loud bang. It is in weapons like these that shooters find stealth and accuracy in a powerful air rifle. Even though the noise reduced is not 100%, the significant ratio reduced is enough to satisfy your needs.

In most models, a noise muffler is located on or within the barrel of the weapon. This means that after pulling the trigger, most of the vibration waves will soak into the muffler, and only a portion escapes. This small sound that runs comes out like a “bonk” and does not travel far. The only disadvantage is that most of these options are only potent enough for small game and varmint hunting.

Why Do You Require a Quiet Air Rifle?


Before heading out to the field during the season for real-life action, you may require practice on paper and in the woods. Such activity does not need you to run for the forest. I am sure your backyard could act as an appropriate location, and the only problem will be neighbors, if any. In this case, a quiet air rifle would be the best option to keep sharpening your aim game.

Practically, their functioning is similar to a typical gun, and the only difference is the noise mufflers within the weapon. Accuracy and velocity are consistent and hence improving your shooting productivity.

Varmint Hunting

In most suburban homesteads, rodents and varmints seem to terrorize most backyards and gardens. Their damage is severe to the extent that most owners opt to own a rifle potent enough to get rid of them. In such a scenario, the best solution will be a quiet rifle, killing the creatures without causing unnecessary disturbance in the neighborhood.

A rifle fit for this task needs to be silent and accurate since these creatures do not give much room for aiming. Their compact size and swiftness give most shooters a headache to get a clean aim, hence the need for an accurate rifle.

Game Hunting

Although not most shooters opt for quiet rifles over powerful ones, the trend has increased in the previous years. Most models that we consider silent prioritize noise reduction over potency and performance, leaving them only suitable for small game hunting. Only a few own the rights to brag of taking down larger sized targets, and they come at a mighty price tag.

A quiet air rifle in hunting will give the hunter several advantages and among them is the element of surprise. If the hunter is strong enough to maintain stealth when aiming, he can take out several targets close without being compromised. There is minimal noise after pulling the trigger.

Quietest Air Rifles: Our Top 3 Picks

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo silent cat air rifle is a personal favorite and, in my opinion, the quietest air rifle in the market today. It is from experience and comments from others who prefer its presence at the shooting range that I base my claim. Its flawless functioning gives no room for errors, and you can never go wrong with picking it from the shelves. 

Its noise reduction is 25% without any additional silencing accessories. Such a percentage is very efficient in taking silent sniper-like attempts on varmints and small game. The rifles intended purpose was varmint hunting, and with time, shooters saw their efficiency in-game and duck hunting.

This air gun’s silencing capabilities do not compromise potency and accuracy as it competes with world-class competitors and still wins. In matters regarding power, the cartridge used will depend on its performance. Its interior build is where the noise muffler is located, and it does a pretty good job of silencing the weapon.

Accompanying the purchase is a 4×32 scope to fulfill your aiming and pointing needs. Unlike other factory-installed sights, this one is reliable, and there is no need to replace it. Its size is perfect for transport and storage as it weighs only seven pounds and measures 48.8 inches long with a two-inch thickness.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Great noise suppression, and this does not affect its performance or accuracy.

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Benjamin marauder air rifle deserves a spot on our list. It fires its shots at 75 decibels, which is adequately silent to escape most ears. I believe you may not have heard of this line of rifles as they appear as an underdog in the genre, but do not underestimate their performance. 

A Benjamin Marauder air rifle can consistently provide silent dead-on accurate attempts on paper, varmints, and even small games, making it a great option.

It is a .177 caliber efficient pellet gain powerful enough to eject a projectile at record-breaking velocities. In independent research, speeds of up to 1100 fps were recorded by a group of shooters in the United States. At such rates, the pellet is potent enough to cause severe damage to its target. The size of the projectiles mostly influences these high speeds; smaller ones tend to move faster.

Regardless of the environment and situation, you can entirely rely on this piece of art to get the job done in a silent nature. Since it is not altogether silent, you will hear a “bonk” from the weapon’s action after a trigger pull. The sound produced is low and does not travel fast.

Its functioning is pneumatically featuring a pre-charged system that allows for accurate and consistent attempts after every trigger pull. This air rifle’s reliability and efficiency exceed its price on the market and are a worthy purchase.


  • It is ultra-quiet.
  • Offers great performance despite its low price tag
  • It is reliable and accurate.

Stoeger X20S Air Rifle

It comes as no surprise to find the Stoeger X20S rifle in our list of the quietest air rifles on the shelves. This weapon has raked up a significant number of followers from its top-notch performance within its years of production. Its noise reduction mechanism and advanced airflow technology, the gun holds a spot on most best-lists on the web.

The air rifle’s production was explicit to backyard target practicing on papers or woods, and with time found its use in hunting. Without a doubt, its noise suppression ability is a piece of work courtesy of a renowned firearm designer. By forcing the air produced from the gun action, it can reduce a significant percentage of noise.

The air is driven out through four decompression holes located on the gun’s ring and hence reducing the noise generated. Simultaneously, the noise is minimized, and the flawless functioning ejects the projectiles at high velocities? Research shows that this approach makes the gun 7.05 times more silent than its competitors.


  • It is affordable.
  • Greatly reduced noise, making it a reliable option.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Quietest Air Rifle

Like every purchase, prior knowledge of the product on your shopping list is very crucial. In this section, we will look at what you need to consider before deciding on your choice.

Noise Suppression

Since we are interested in silent rifles, noise reduction is an essential factor to consider before purchase. While looking at the prospects, evaluate their portions, and decide on the one you find most suitable.

Intended Purpose

Also, it would help if you marry your purpose correctly to the weapons intended use. Some of these options are only for varmint hunting, while others accommodate game hunting. Be wise when picking as wrong matching will only lead to dangerous outcomes.

Calibers Offered

The caliber offered by a weapon dictates the size of rounds it can accommodate. The most common caliber is the .177, which is the smallest and fastest option in all the other available calibers. 


Although the other two are close competitors, it is without a doubt that the Gamo silent cat is the best option. Its performance and silencing abilities are nothing but a sight to behold. If you know that you deserve nothing but the best, why not make this your choice. It is essential, however, to confirm with local enforcement if owning such a gun is legal.