Best Hunting Arrows: A Complete Review

Best Hunting Arrows

Better equipment equal’s better performances; hence, our article today aims to expound more on the best hunting arrows to carry on your bow hunting trips. While a considerable number of individuals are not aware that hunting using crossbows is still on, others continue to improve their skills in this field. Pairing up your crossbow with an effective and reliable purchase will improve your accuracy and productivity every time you head for the wild.

Generally, accuracy and potency are two things to always put into consideration when looking for hunting accessories. Because of this, I found it best to come up with a shortlist that consists of prospects capable of quenching your thirst. Since the list is endless, I picked out some options based on previous use and viable customer response.

Best Hunting Arrows: Our Top Three Picks

Best Bow Hunting Arrow

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

The Gold Tip is a major brand in bow hunting accessories, and no bow enthusiast is surprised to find it gracing our list. Almost every serious bowhunter has the velocity Valkyrie in their storage room. The reason for this is the excellent results that make it a coveted component to most shooters who find arrows more practical than guns.


It measures .246 inches and promises a straight tolerance of +.006, which is ideal for almost any arrow application. With such a build, the projectile can be practical in virtually any use, be it hunting, competitive sports, or even target practice in your backyard. It is a reliable and effective arrow size as the best hunting arrows tend to lie within this range. Its weight tolerance also falls on more or less 2 grains giving it a perfect overall balance.

This arrow is among my favorites, and I can gladly reassure you that you can never go wrong with Valkyrie’s arrow on your bow. Its accuracy and speed will leave nothing short of a smile on your face and unleash terror to your target. In three out of five attempts, the target is immediately incapacitated upon impact as it penetrates profoundly, wounding its vital internal organs. Unlike other arrow models, this one brags of a factory four fletch accuracy.

Durability is not an issue of concern as it is made of high-grade aluminum, which is tough enough for lasting service. Also, its exterior is well coated to prevent harmful elements from damaging the surface of the projectile and reduce the chances of premature malfunctioning. It is the most affordable choice in the list mentioned above and the best bargain for those with a tight budget.

  • It is affordable
  • Boasts durable make
  • It is efficient.

Best Hunting Arrow for Deer 

Victory XTORSION Hunting Arrow

The Victory Xtorsion tops our list of the best hunting arrows with its splendid and consistent performances on field and paper. It is one of the fastest arrows, all thanks to its modern manufacturing and designing. Not only does it offer groundbreaking speeds, but also deep penetration and enough potency to take down the deer.

 This arrow is available in two models, of which both feature a stainless steel build making them durable and resistant to harmful elements. The versions are sport and hunting, where the former is shorter than the latter. The reason for this variance in size and weight is that both applications require different aspects of the arrow.

Since our focus is on hunting, we will ignore the sport model and dwell more on the hunting option available. It comes with a .003 inch straight tolerance, making it one of the most accurate arrows in the market hence its preference by most serious shooters. Its sleek and colorful design is also a significant selling factor as it serves both a system and tactical responsibility.

Its build allows the projectile to maintain a flat trajectory towards its target and retains most of its muzzle velocity and energy. Although its material is not the heaviest, it can still resist air pressure and drag effectively with its streamline design. The 3k carbon weave integrated into its spine allows for the straight robust build that maintains its flight course until in contact with the target.

  • It is reliable and effective.
  • Its lightweight build enhances its speed.

Best Hunting Arrow for Youth

Carbon Express Maxima XRZ

The carbon express manufacturer is the most technologically advanced brand that dedicates to the making of bow accessories. Their quality and commitment to bringing world-class components are present in the arrows’ maxima line, specifically the XRZ model. Because of this reason, I find the Carbon Express Maxima XRZ as the best hunting arrow for the youth.

Its sleek design gives it a more youthful appearance with a bold choice of colors perfectly blended. Maxima makers were cautious enough when making this product; hence, its splendid exterior appeal does not compromise performance. Well, this is possible since the engineers spent as much time on its look as on its functioning. I searched across the web, and I could not spot even a single functioning error in the piece; it works just as it needs to.

It features a more stable backbone with a firmer stance than previous models from the same brand. This arrow’s sturdy build is thanks to its spine that is integrated with Kevlar strands, which offer more stability in its composition. This particular feature is why the Maxima are as durable and robust as it is. It is from this aspect that the projectile derives its penetration abilities and can stop distant targets.

On matters regarding size, it is slim and lightweight, making it perfect for taking on those long hunting trips. An advantage when pairing it with your bow is that it is up to four times more accurate than the typical arrows. This accuracy is complemented by high velocities, which sum up to a straight flat trajectory attempt. Penetration is deep and causes more damage to its vital parts for a quick, less painful death required by wildlife protection organizations.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Has an appealing appearance.
  • It is reliable and effective.
  • It is more expensive than those with relatively similar features.

What Are the Different Types of Arrow Shafts for the Best Hunting Arrows?

Wooden Arrow Shafts

Wooden arrow shafts

Shafts made of wood were the first ever to be used in arrow hunting by early man. Then, man viewed hunting as a necessity, unlike in recent times, where we participate in it as a competitive sport. They were heavy and slow but still got the job done as humans adapted to the best shooting style fit for such a projectile.

Nowadays, they are no longer in production, as most shaft makers opt for better designs and lighter materials. If you were given a wooden shaft in your next hunting trip, chances of making a successful attempt are minimal.

Aluminum Arrow Shafts

Aluminum arrow shafts

Aluminum shafts were next to follow the wooden ones previously made. In this shaft, man found the desired accuracy and efficiency to take down animals easily and without much effort. They were also more durable since, unlike wood, aluminum was long-lasting and required fewer maintenance responsibilities.

Aluminum is lightweight; hence it is more practical to tag it along on those long trips. However, it took a lengthy period for the population to get comfortable using them as their bow companions. The main reason being they were not that easy to make due to their inferior technology. With time industries dedicated to their manufacturing rose, and their availability spiked. Until today, they are still in production and remain a preference to some hunters.

Carbon Arrow Shafts

Carbon arrow shafts

Carbon shafts are the newest in the market, and they come with a hefty price tag that not most can stomach. Its high value is directly proportional to the quality of results you get from them and is understandable why most bow owners covet them. Regardless of your bow, expect nothing short of satisfactory in every attempt you make.

The first carbon shaft entered the market in the 1990s and has been in production ever since. Every year we witness a dozen arrow manufacturers venturing into carbon material for their building. There is no better option currently, but we expect a new standard soon from one of the brands.


It is common knowledge that a perfectly paired team is less likely to disappoint, and for a successful bow hunting expedition, you need the best hunting arrows. Keep in mind the speed, weight, and most importantly material for optimum performance.