Hunting Dog Names and their Meanings

Hunting Dogs Names

Hunting dogs are a special breed, and the hunting dog names are always used to express that specialty. Choosing an ideal name for your hunting partner is one thing you should take with some significant amount of seriousness. Whether it is a retriever, running, or pointing hunting dog, you ought to give it a name befitting its role in the hunting fields.

Dogs have been a significant input to hunting since the old golden hunting days. The main reason humans started taming dogs and wild wolves were to help in hunting escapades. Today, the practice has advanced, and hunting dogs are given special training to increase their hunting prowess. 

What are the different breeds of hunting dogs? Let’s find out.

Breeds of Hunting Dogs

There are several breeds of hunting dogs that influence the naming of these dogs. Most of these breeds are of German origin and are divided into the following groups.

Pointing Dogs

Hunting Dog Names and their Meanings

Just as the name suggests, a pointing dog looks for a game or birds and directs the hunter towards them by pointing out to the direction they are hiding. They do the pointing by lifting and bending one of the forelegs. 

Some of the notable hunting male dog names you could use here for your hunting dog include Dux, Harras, etc. 

Flushing Dogs

Hunting Dog Names and their Meanings

A Flushing dog’s main job is to scamper away or scare game or birds. They are majorly used for pest control to help keep away pests from farms. They can help you hunt down these pests much more comfortable as they scamper them away. 

Some of the great hunting dog names that can fit this group include Bolt, Blitz, Dash, etc. 


If you go hunting with a gun and shoot down a bird or a particular game, you may lose track of the shot game or bird. This mostly happens when you make a not-so-accurate shot hitting the bird or game slightly. A retriever dog helps to trace and bring back such hunts to you in a quest to please and be closer to you as the owner. 

Hunting Dog Names and their Meanings

Most retriever dogs are kept as family dogs. Here, some of the peculiar hunting dog names you could use include the female hunting dog names such as Fee, Neele, and Pia. Hunting male dog names for this group of hunting dogs would consist of Neptune,  

Tracking Dogs

A tracking dog helps keep track of the game you are hunting by chasing them over a long distance. They have an incredible sense of smell, which enables them to follow a trail easily. Tracking dogs’ names are numerous, and some of the top choices you can make include Chaser or Chase, Scout, Gunner, Arrow, Hunter, Ranger, Foxy or Fox, etc.

Hunting Dog Names and their Meanings

Hunting Dog Names for Male and Female Hounds

Hunting dog names vary with the sex of the dog. This means there are names for female hunting dogs as well as special ones for male hunting dogs. Here’s a breakdown of some of these names below.

Male Hunting Dog Names 

The common male hunting dog names to consider for your dog include:


It’s an English special name for dogs that is used mainly for male hunter dogs.


This name is associated with the top Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt, and is mostly used to indicate top speed. It is an ideal name for flushing and running dogs because of top speed in their hunting duties.


It is a Dutch name that short forms the English name ‘Arnold,’ which means eagle or ruler. You can use it for your retriever and pointing dogs.


Blitz is a German word that means lightning. It is an ideal name for your flushing and running dogs.


It is a common name for male dogs that are kept at home for home protection. It traces its origin from Latin America, where it is used to mean “King.” You can use it for your pointing male hunting dogs as well as Retrievers.


If you follow or have read of the Greek traditions and kingdoms, you understand Hector’s origin. It was the name given to the King’s oldest son of Troy, who was known as a hero and a mighty warrior. It is a perfect name for Retrievers and tracking or running dogs.


It is a German name meaning loyal or faithful, which you can use mainly for your retriever hunting dogs. It can also be a perfect name for pointing and flushing dogs. 


The name is synonymous with the famous fierce action movie actor; Sylvester Stallone. It is a perfect fit for running or tracking dogs as they keep a ferocious demeanor when chasing the game over long distances.

Female Hunting Dog Names

The common female hunting dog names include the ones we listed below. Have a look.


Berta should be your first choice if you think of a name for a beautiful and sparkling dog. It is a name you should pick if you are looking forward to building a good relationship with your dog. This, therefore, means it is a good choice for female retrievers.


It is a Greek name used to refer to a Greek goddess of the hunt and a female protector of the girl child. It will work well for running female hunting dogs.


This is a Kenyan name meaning a hunter’s daughter. The fact that it brings out the close relationship between a hunter and the dog can be an excellent name for the female pointer or retriever in your hunting army.


In Bulgaria, the word ‘Lovets’ is used to mean hunter. Therefore it is a general name befitting for any female hunting dog. You can use it for a retriever, pointing dog, flushing dogs, and even the trackers.


It is an African-American name meaning a great hunter. It is an ideal choice for retrievers and tracking female dogs.


Choosing hunting dog names should not be a daunting task, especially if you can classify the dogs according to their specific tasks. You can always give your dogs the names you feel befits them from your local setup. However, it feels excellent identifying them with names that can be globally recognized and specifically describe their call of duty