Best Micro Carabiner: Top 10 Picks

best carabiner

Are you a hiking and climbing enthusiast looking to make worth of your adventure? Try getting the best micro carabiner for the expedition. 

Carabiners were initially meant for use by climbers who need attachment accessories that are strong and quick to manipulate. However, the best micro carabiner accommodates everyone whether you are going for indoor or outdoor climbing. 


Like all climbing gear and tech, carabiners have evolved in size, materials for manufacture, and versatility for multiple uses. What was once chunky and made of heavy steel now has micro counterparts that are crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum, are sleeker, and easier to handle.

I have compiled an extensive guide for consultation before you buy the best micro carabiner, and being an outdoor enthusiast, I have tried most, if not all of the ones listed below. 

What’s the Best Micro Carabiner?

Nite Ize Locking Carabiner Clip

This carabiner is not your ordinary climbing tool. It has a spacious wire gate that accommodates multiple attachments. The Nite Ize Locking Carabiner Clip is greatly designed; made ultra-strong due to plastic SlideLock and a lightweight design; weighing 0.317 ounces for easier carriage.

This slimline micro-carabiner has a low profile design that fits into your rack while taking up little space on your backpack.

Available in four sizes and with a variety of colors, the Nite Ize Locking Carabiner Clip operates on a simple push and slide movement. 


  • High-grade lightweight steel construction
  • Rated up to 10 pounds for climbing applications
  • A simple slide locking mechanism for added securing strength


  • Not rated for supporting a climber’s weight 

Swatom 6PCS Carabiner Clips

These carabiner clips are a blend of comfort and convenience. They feature an easy to use buckle closure and a rounded head nose that doesn’t snag.

From my experience with these six pieces of Swatom carabiner clips, they have an improved spring clip that can open and close over five thousand times without wear. 

The 3 inch long micro-carabiner clips are great for any outdoor application, including camping, attachments to backpacks, or hanging lights.


  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum material construction
  • Rated for a maximum weight load of 50 pounds
  • Improved spring clip that’s easy to use and durable


  •  Not rated for climbing support where the weight of a climber relies on the carabiner’s integrity

Mammut Wall Micro Oval Carabiner

Are you looking for a compact and lightweight micro carabiner? The Mammut Wall Micro Carabiner is your best option. This screw gate micro carabiner  acts as an anchoring, tying, and belaying tool due to its easy to handle and sturdy construction. 

The oval shape contributes to the micro-carabiners lightweight, while the screw lock increases its securing integrity. It also comes with a screw lock indicator to show when it’s locked or unlocked.


  • Constructed from strong materials
  • Micro carabiner suitable for climbing applications
  • Super smooth gate and screw locking mechanism


  •  Pricey 

EDELRID Nineteen G Carabiner

This is a compact, lightweight and minimal; sized micro carabiner with a wire closure mechanism for easy operation. The EDELRID Nineteen G Carabiner’s wire gate is designed to reduce any micro carabiner’s whiplash effect if it falls.

Being the smallest climbing carabiner available, it is fully rated for climber’s protection system. Your load is distributed evenly with this micro carabiner’s asymmetrical shape, and the hooked nose is rounded to prevent snagging on your cables or harnesses. 

If you find a snagging nose nugging, you’ll definitely love this carabiner.


  • 0.7-inch gate opening with wire lock
  • Aluminum alloy construction with hardening treatment
  • Extra hardened, durable construction  rated for maximum 20 KN 
  • Sold in a choice of a single or a three-pack
  • Lightest at 0.67 ounces 


  •  Expensive when bought as a single clip

Black Diamond MiniWire Carabiner Rackpack

Compact, lightweight and efficient are some of the terms we could use to describe this carabiner. Does this seem like something you’d want to climb with?

The Black Diamond MiniWire Carabiner comes in a pack of 6 that’s fully rated and weighs only 0.81 ounces. With their hot-forged construction, these wire-lock micro carabiners are suited for any form of backpacking, climbing, and survivalist undertakings.

The manufacturers promise efficiency in clipping and unclipping due to nose geometry.


  • Specifically constructed for trad climbing 
  • Offers strength and durability minus lots of weight
  • Affordable six-piece rack pack


  • Small gate opening 
  • Smallish and hard to handle in ice climbing

Metolius FS Mini Carabiner

This mini-carabiner is an all-round essential for small scale climbing undertakings as its 22Kn major-axis rated. The Metolius FS Mini Carabiner has a wire closure gate and an option of eight different colors to choose from. 

Slim and small, the Metolius FS micro carabiner is 3.07 inches tall and 1.96 inches wide. 


  • Low cost, high-performance micro carabiner with secure wire lock
  • Weighs only 0.8 ounces


  •  Compact size difficult to use when climbing with gloved hands

PETZL – Sm’D, Ultralight Asymmetrical Carabiner

This is the most lightweight auto-locking micro carabiner with multiple uses capabilities. The PETZL – Sm’D, Ultralight Asymmetrical Carabiner has a small hole under the gate that is useful for cord threading or any other descended and ascender device.  

You can choose the PETZL – Sm’D with a screw lock, a twist-lock, or with a Triact-lock that pulls up and twists to open.  At 1.94 ounces, the carabiner has a small weight premium but still manages to be ultra-light with its auto-locking mechanism. 

With its aluminum construction, you are assured of durability.The Interior part is fluid, non-catching, and rotating, and designed to eliminate catch points


  • Key-lock system designed for utmost securing and prevents snagging 
  • Available without a locking system for easier one-handed clipping
  • H cross-section that secures optimal weight/strength ratio 
  • Abrasion protection


  •  Pricey

Mammut Wall Light Carabiner – 6-Pack Assorted, One Size

This is Mammut’s lightest micro carabiner and is famous for multi pitching or belaying applications.

Since your trade rack has enough weight as it is, a few grams off with Mammut’s ultra-light wall light micro carabiners in a six-pack won’t hurt one bit. The assorted micro carabiners weigh 0.8 ounces and feature a wire ‘biners gate that’s simple and secure for climbers.

 Rated at 20 kN for major-axis strength; these micro carabiners can be paired with cams for efficient and quick placement.  


  • Strong aviation-grade aluminum construction
  • Wide harness accommodating asymmetrical shape 
  • Six pack of assorted colors  and spacious for double ropes


  • No keylock nose design

DMM Phantom Carabiner

With a 0.59 inch opening and a key lock noose, the DMM Phantom Carabiner’s asymmetrical shape shifts loads onto the strongest orientation. A compact and featherweight option for sports climbers, this micro carabiner doesn’t compromise on weight handling as it’s rated for 24 kN on its major axis.

It is perfectly compatible with ropes and slings owing to its asymmetrical shape.


  • One-handed screw gate lock for hassle-free clipping or removal
  • An asymmetrical shape that alleviates cross-loading
  • Assorted colors from gold to silver 


  • Heavier in comparison to other micro carabiners

EDELRID Pure Slider Carabiner

The EDELRID Pure Slider Carabiner is the best option for climbers who aren’t comfortable with Triact or twist-lock securing. This ultra-lightweight carabiner is 3.93 inches long, and weighs 1.48 ounces. 

It also features a pure slider design that’s essential for constructing quickdraws


  • Innovative slider mechanism that’s easy to operate for super-fast clipping
  • Weight reducing but strong H profile construction 


  •  A pure auto slider can block gate opening or closing

Frequently Asked Questions about Micro Carabiners

What is a Micro ‘Caribeaner’ used for?

Micro carabiners come in handy to secure everything from your backpack, be it a water bottle or an ice pick harness. Climbers, campers, and backpackers use micro carabiners for their ultra-lightweight, strength, and versatility for handling loads.

What is the difference between carabiners and biners?

Micro carabiners, also known as ‘biners, come in D, oval or asymmetrical shapes depending on what loads you apply them on. Carabiners come in many sizes, and mini or micro carabiners are useful depending on what you need to scale or the weight you are carrying.

Mini carabiner vs a normal size

The size of a carabiner is an important element to consider before purchase, and depending on your applications, you’ll want one with an effortless operating mechanism. Full-size carabiners are made of high tensile and dense materials, making them add extra weight to your climbing rack.

What is the use of a small carabiner?

Small micro carabiners can be used for tying anchors or ropes and should have a nose that won’t snag on harnesses or cables. Small or micro carabiners are also useful for other applications ranging from key carrying to strapping on extra items to your backpack.

Difference between small locking carabiner vs small auto-locking carabiner

You can either select a locking mechanism or a slip-on design for stress-free climbing. Small locking carabiners feature rings, screws, or wire locks, while an auto-locking carabiner will have a strike or Trait locking mechanism.

Are tiny carabiners safe for climbing

The lightest carabiner is strong enough to support climber’s weights to a degree, saving time and energy while taking up the least space. Reduced weight is a crucial factor in situations where lightweight gear or separation attachments are essential.


There is so much to consider when buying a micro carabiner.The most important factors include size, weight, versatility and construction material. 

The overall best micro carabiner is the Nite Ize Locking, it is versatile, fully rated and easy to use. This micro carabiner features a simplistic slide-and-push operation, rated for 10 pounds vertical weight loads.