Couponing Don’ts: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using Coupons

Couponing Don’ts: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using Coupons

Couponing is an art that takes patience, persistence, and a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of all the stores in your area. If you’re new to couponing or just don’t have as much free time as you’d like, then there are some things that you should avoid doing when using coupons. Here are six  common mistakes to avoid while couponing;

1. Don’t  Buy Something Just Because You Have a Coupon for It

Don’t be fooled by a sale. You should always read the fine print before buying something and make sure it’s worth your time. It is true that sometimes you can find some great deals, but don’t let those attractive prices trick or lead to impulse buys which will likely go wasted.

2. Don’t Waste Time

Couponing can save you a lot of money, but not if you spend lots of time hunting for deals. If you’re not careful with your time and schedules, it can become an addiction that takes up all your precious hours. 

The best way to beat this would be to allocate a specific time for coupon hunting. It could be a family thing on a Sunday afternoon; get your kids to start clipping newspaper coupons and scouring the internet.

3. Don’t Stick to One Brand

Don’t be brand loyal when using coupons because your favorite store might not always have the best deal. Instead of sticking to one brand/store- go for the most affordable, even if it means passing up a coupon or sale from your favorite brand.

Many people start couponing after a job loss, bankruptcy, or are expecting.

And sometimes saving some cash can come at going with cheaper stores like Walmart that may lack prestige but still offer great prices on items usually found nowhere else.

4. You Don’t Have to Use All Coupons

The more the coupons, the more the savings, right? But this isn’t always the case, so you don’t have to use all your coupons. If you got some good coupons nearing their expiration, but they can’t get you what you need,  just let them expire. 

5. Don’t Get Scammed 

Coupons are a great way to save money on anything from groceries to clothes, but there’s one thing you should never do with them: fall for suspicious offers. 

A $100 coupon from “Bill Gates” is not really available, and if the website claims that their product will give back 10x its cost in just 1 hour, then beware because it probably isn’t true. Always confirm the site’s legitimacy before giving out sensitive data like credit card numbers to avoid any potential problems down the line.

6. Don’t Buy More Than You Can Afford

Couponing can be addicting. Saving money feels good, and you might find yourself wanting to spend more than your monthly budget allows or using credit cards just for discounts, which doesn’t make for a healthy financial habit in the long run. Stay within your spending limits each month, and that no matter how “good ” a deal is available at any given time, don’t go overboard.

The bottom line is that you can get more for your money by using coupons, but there are some things to consider. Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon for it, don’t waste time on couponing if this takes up too much of your day or doesn’t seem worth the effort; you don’t have to use all of them – sometimes one will do. And remember that not every retailer accepts coupons, and they may only be valid at certain times. 

Remember, coupons are just another marketing tactic. So before plopping down cash, make sure it’s worthwhile first. 

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