Little Known Facts about Scarlett Johansson

Popular actress Scarlett Ingrid Johansson was born on November 22, 1984, in Manhattan. The drop-dead beauty has Jewish and Danish roots. Her mother, Melanie Sloan, hails from a Jewish family in the Bronx area, and her dad, Karsten Johansson has his roots in Copenhagen.

While Scarlett is widely known for her ‘Black Widow’ character in the Marvel Avengers movies, there are many other interesting facts about her.

  1.  Her First Movie Appearance Was at Nine Years

Scarlett made her first appearance as John Ritter’s character’s daughter in the 1994 fantasy flick, ‘North’ when she was 9.

She followed that up with small roles in ‘Just Cause’ (1995), ‘If Lucy Fell’ (1996), and ‘Manny &Lo’ (1996).

Her incredible performance in ‘Manny & Lo’ won her a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards, for Best Lead Female.

She would go on to appear in Home Alone 3 in 1997, but it was her appearance in the 1998 Robert Redford directed flick, ‘The Horse Whisperer, that garnered her lots of attention. In the film, Scarlett played Grace MacLean, a teenager suffering trauma after a riding accident.

2. She Was Once Married to Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett and Reynolds were engaged in May 2008. The former lovebirds later got married in September, the same year,

Two years later, in 2010, they announced their separation but got divorced in 2011. While details about their divorce remain unknown, it is rumored that cheating and perhaps career competition might have led to breaking their marriage.

After seemingly taking some time off to recover from her divorce from Ryan Reynolds, the actress got entangled in a romantic relationship with Roman Dauriac. Scarlett and Dauriac, a creative agency boss, announced their engagement in 2013.

Apart from Reynolds and Dauriac, Scarlett has also previously dated Josh Hartnett and Sean Penn.

 The actress is currently dating ‘Saturday Night Live’ writer Colin Jost, whom she met on the show’s set in 2006.

3. Scarlett is the Heiress of a Jaw-dropping $140 Million Fortune

Between her Danish architect father, and a successful producer mom, the sultry Johansson is said to be the potential recipient of that tidy amount of money.

Of course, she will have to share the dough with her siblings, but she will still end up with a tidy fortune.

Being a Hollywood superstar, her net worth is currently estimated to be around $165 million, and with future roles in movies on the way, she will keep raking in the dough.

 Scarlett is also quite an accomplished singer and has released two highly acclaimed musical albums. has released two musical albums. The albums, ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’, and ‘Break Up’, went to the top of the Billboard 200.

4. She is Not on Social Media

Almost every popular celebrity out there owns an Instagram account, and a couple of other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok where they update fans on new stuff around their lives. 

Well, for Scarlett Johansson, the case is different, and you are not going to find her on social media. Well unless you are convinced by pseudos using her name and pictures. 

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Scarlett confirmed that she does not have a Facebook or Twitter account as she’d rather do other stuff than keep sharing her everyday life on social media.


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