How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping

How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping

Winter is not always the best time to go camping, but you can have the best time of your life with some minor adjustments, and all you have to do is know how to insulate a tent for winter camping.  Winter camping is not different from other forms of camping, so there should be no […]

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Muzzleloader Hunting

Muzzleloader Hunting for Beginners

Muzzleloader hunting comes loaded with numerous benefits and among them is enjoying an extended hunting season. When hunting with a muzzleloader, you are required to get close to your prey, and this gives hunters more satisfaction as they learn how to track and shoot big game animals without spooking them.  Experienced muzzleloader hunters know that […]

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It's hunting season

Do Animals Know When It’s Hunting Season?

Animals are not as dumb as one may want to think, and even though they may not have a calendar to tell dates and months or when it’s hunting season, they still rely on their memories and experience to tell when they are game. Because of this, it is admissible that animals are aware when […]

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Best Amazon fishing lures

Best Amazon Fishing Lures: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

To enhance the angler’s experience and be accomplished in your hobby, you need the best Amazon fishing lure. Alongside the other equipment such as fishing rods, or boats, the most expensive fishing lures can determine the quantity and quality of fish you’ll harvest. Fishing lures are an essential tool for the determined angler, catching the […]

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Rare deer types

What Rare Deer Types Are There?

There are rare deer types that you might have stumbled upon in your quest for hunting. Such deer types are a phenomenon when you happen to see one and raise many controversies when you kill one. Among the rare types are the all-White, piebald, and melanin deer.  Deer refers to the general name of all […]

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Best Hunting Backpack

Best Hunting Backpack: A Review and Guide

There are many bags available in the market today, and this makes it a case of personal choice to find the best hunting backpack. When hunting big game, you need a reliable backpack that can carry specific hunting gear you will need. The idea is to look for one that will alleviate your burden instead […]

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Camping Beds

Best Camping Beds: A Complete Review

The best camping beds are there in the market to ensure your camp travels don’t end without a good night’s sleep. Quality and good sleep outdoors allow every camper to wake up energized and ready for the day. Therefore, equipping yourself with a good camping bed creates an incredible adventure out of your hiking activities. […]

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Where to hunt squirrels in California

Where to Hunt Squirrels in California

California’s squirrel hunting season is from mid-August through to late January, and only tree species can be taken. Harvesting of squirrels takes place in the open zones set aside by California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. Hunting squirrels in California is legal. You can harvest squirrels between ½ hour before sunrise and half an hour […]

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elk hunting in Idaho

Elk Hunting in Idaho: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Elk hunting in Idaho is a fantastic adventure to take on. With an above projective population of more than 130,000 elks, Idaho offers diverse and incredible hunting opportunities. You can pursue elk herds into the mountains or chase bulls among sagebrush and northern Idaho timbered ridges in this state. Currently, Idaho offers over the counter […]

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where to shoot a deer

Where to Shoot a Deer: The Deer Shot Placement

Whereas there are many places that you can shoot deer and wound it, not all will kill it instantly. The first rule of hunting is to make a humane kill whenever you can. For this reason, shot placement when hunting deer is an essential part of hunting. Where to Shoot a Deer: Various Aim Points […]

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