Cutco vs Shun: Which Kitchen Knives Are Better?

Cutco vs Shun

If you are looking for the best kitchen knives, then you must have come across the discussion on Cutco vs Shun, so which kitchen knives are better? 

One of the essential kitchen tools, cooks or chefs can’t survive without the knife. This fundamental essentiality saves time, energy, and money to consider the best kitchen knife.

Cutco and Shun are brands that make premium kitchen knives but in very different ways and for various reasons. These cutlery makers are varied in the materials they use, their manufacturing methods, markets, and even target consumers.

Cutco vs Shun: What Makes them Different?

Kitchen knives from Cutco and Shun are specifically designed for different audiences, and as such, have unique attributes that set them apart. These include;

Method and Materials of Manufacture

Cutco has the best kitchen knives in America, manufactured using the stamping process. These knives are built to last, seeing as they come with a forever guarantee. With recessed Double D high tech and saw-toothed blade, Cutco constructs its knives using 440A stainless steel and rarely requires sharpening.

Premium kitchen knives from Shun are made from above standard materials, especially their blades, which are forged from ultra-hardened steel. This hand forging process has been used to make Shun kitchen knives for generations by skilled artisans.


Pricier than their Shun counterparts, Cutco knives won’t chip. If they do, you’ll get a replacement from the manufacturer upon submitting an online request.

For the Shun, the thin blade can longer retain its sharpness, but it’s also fragile and can chip on hitting hard meat bones.

Shun uses Damascus steel, a century-old blade forging technique, to fashion their handmade kitchen knives. This old sword making method involves melding layers of steel for incredible flexibility, strength, and sharpness.

As in their best classic kitchen knife, Shun also uses pakkawood in the construction of the handles. This man-made laminate is similarly constructed like plywood but sealed within high-pressure resin for waterproofness and lightness.

Price, Marketing, and Target Audiences

Cutco targets the made in USA market for those looking for robust, high quality, and long-lasting kitchen knives. Their products are far from cheap, but they are durable, and you will not be bothered too much about daily maintenance.

The company is renowned for its vector marketing method, hiring door-to-door salespeople, and paying massive commissions to their top sellers. If motivated Cutco kitchen knives haven’t shown up on your door, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them in culinary or departmental stores.

Though this cutlery maker sells through own operated marketing channels, they can now be bought from online retailers like Amazon.

Shun, on the other hand, markets to the high-end cooks and professional chefs who are particular about their choice of knives. If you are looking for showpieces, these Japanese made kitchen knives are a handmade culture unto themselves.

Shun kitchen knives tend to be ultra-sharp, but you’ll require additional maintenance to keep it that way. This cutlery manufacturer markets its products through online retail stores and high-end knife boutiques.

Cutco vs Shun: A General Conclusion 

So to close the discussion of Cutco vs Shun, here are a few things you could consider. If you’re looking to collect long-lasting functional kitchen knives made in the USA and are satisfyingly maintenance-free, then Cutco is your brand. Since they make knives that are incredibly durable and coupled with their ubiquitous salespeople, Cutco knives are present in many American kitchens. 

However, for those that love to cook with slicing flair, and want a classy piece of Japanese knife craftsmanship, then a Shun product is what you should check out.


Both Cutco and Shun kitchen knives are bound to dent your budget surreptitiously but are guaranteed to be worth every penny. Knives from either brand are sharp, cutting through food smoothly, and will add your cooking self-assurance in the kitchen.