Cute Wall Decor Ideas for Your Baby Girl’s Nursery

15 Creative Wall Decors Ideas for Your Baby Girl’s Nursery

There is no better way to make your baby’s room more fun and welcoming than with some cute little decorations! Here are just a few of my favorite cute wall decor ideas for your baby girl’s nursery.

Although planning for the arrival of a baby girl is a special and sweet time, many mothers tend to have it rough since there are many cute wall decors for your baby girl’s nursery. 

There are just so many factors to consider. Do you gravitate towards minimalist designs, or are you a boho-style parent? Do you want to go outside the box with your girl’s nursery, or do you want to lean towards pink nurseries? And are you smitten with classic nurseries for girls or something more modern?

15 Cute Wall Decors for Your Baby Girl’s Nursery


The baby girl will feel more at home in this pretty pink nursery with butterfly accents. Butterflies symbolize transformation, beauty, and growth – just like your little princess! 

butterfly wall decor

Give her a large pillow shaped like one of these beautiful creatures or add some paper butterflies to the wall for decoration. You can find inspiration from all the fantastic colors. It’s as easy as giving your daughter-to-be an incredibly soft comforter cover that features everything she loves, including flowers, animals, hearts, and stripes!


Using shades of grey and pink is a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing space. When designing your baby girl’s room, be sure that you use the colors in complementary pairs, so they really stand out against each other. You can make this two-toned theme work by using muted greys and pinks, for instance, making the nursery room pink with one accent wall or even painting all sides within blue hues while decorating it like a beach scene complete with palm trees.

shabby chic decor

For parents-to-be who cannot decide on a color for the nursery, it’s always nice to go with something neutral. This way, you can add hints of color through décor and other items without making an entrance so bold that you may regret down the road when your daughter no longer wants pink or blue walls!

Fit for a Princess

You can consider treating your baby girl like the royalty she is. Decide on which shade of pink you want, i.e., dark pink, peach, pastel, or even magenta! Your options are not limited, as you can also choose auxiliary colors such as citrus orange and navy blue that complement the color pink perfectly.

fit for a princess decor for baby girl nursery

When it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery, there are simple designs that can help you create a princess-worthy room;

  • Hang pictures with gold frames and add a thin veil of canopy over the crib for an extra touch of luxury like royalty. 
  • You can also use crowns while designing the space if desired! 
  • There is no shortage when it comes to pink containers – find one or two in which you could store items such as body lotion, cream, and towels for daily needs.


Contemporary nurseries are a perfect place for any baby girl to grow up in. And it doesn’t matter if the room isn’t covered with floral themes, pastel or pink because you’re having a beautiful little princess; go different and add one unisex furniture piece in her nursery that works well with your new arrival and is oh-so classy!

contemporary wall decor ideas

What better way to add animal pictures than with zoo animals -especially if your kid loves them. They’ll love their bedroom even more when looking around at these adorable creatures all day long.

Painted Wall

Nature is a crucial part of our lives, and it’s also an important aspect to include in your baby girl’s nursery. 

For the perfect look, bring nature into her room with simple décor that reflects natural light like large windows or decals on the walls—or even painting them! 

painted wall decor ideas

With beautiful colors from nature and plenty of toys for entertainment, you can create a serene space where she will want to spend all day exploring new things.

Here are some tips on how to paint interior walls.

Airy and Bright

Introduce your baby girl into the world by making her home a perfect relaxing place with lots of light colors. Keep it airy and bright like she is- choosing plenty of white details for its purity and cleanliness to represent something that young girls themselves want to embrace. 

airy and bright wall decor ideas

You can add pillows or curtains as they make statements in their own right!

Pink + White

Pink and white are colors that complement each other well. If you’re looking to create an elegant nursery with these two shades, combine the pink color palette using a lighter shade of pink for walls or just focus on decorating your space in lots of soft pinks.

pink and white wall decor baby girl nursery

For those interested in going more traditional but still want some kind of statement piece over their cribs, they can paint the wood frame purple while finishing it off with pastel daisies all around – this will be sure to please!


Nurseries can be a place of balance and serenity. Choosing to paint an all-white nursery is one way that you may achieve this, as it creates a feeling of peace in your child’s room. When choosing colors for accents within the nursery, try using muted pastels or creams to not overpower with too much noise from color!

all white nursery

Mint-Green Baby Girl Nursery Idea

Mint green is a charming color for a baby girl’s nursery, and it has a soothing effect when painted on a wall. You can consider combining it with blue hues to create an ultra-relaxing environment.

mint green wall for nursery

Mint-green décors pair with all bright colors giving you a chance to add a splash of color. You can consider bright-colored decors such as yellow, red, and orange.  Gold also blends well with mint-green, and so you can add other accessories or shimmering or gold photo frames.

Budget-Friendly Baby-girl Nursery Wall Decors

Every parent wants to give her girl the best. But when it comes down to giving your child a nursery, you might be torn between what she really needs and how much money is in your budget. 

The good news? You can build this baby girl’s room under any budget with just a few simple steps! 

budget friendly wall decor

First,  pick out colors that will go well together for painting purposes, then search for ideas on creating unique textures (perhaps like chalkboard walls?). Once they’re done being painted into their new home, check if there are other areas where you could create texture without breaking the bank for example, furniture items or wall decorating techniques!

If you are the creative type and time is on your side, make soft toys, photo frames, or pom balls at home. Adding these handmade goodies to your baby girl’s room will be the ultimate crafty way of showing her how much she means to you!

Bright-colored Baby-Girl Nursery

You have two options when it comes to painting a room for your baby. You can either paint the entire room with one color, or you could contrast furniture of different colors to make things more exciting and fun for them! 

A contrasting theme might be dark walls paired with bright-colored furniture like orange and green, pink, and reds, too, because babies are drawn towards bolder shades such as these. 

Bright-colored Baby-Girl Nursery

Hangings should also reflect this balance by being lighter than the wall shade but darker than the lightest pieces of furnishings that fill their space; all while maintaining an overall sense of brightness courtesy of those happy primary colors we mentioned earlier, which really catch little ones’ eyes so there’ll always something they want on display.

Small Room Décor Idea for Baby Girls

Housing space for a baby can be hard to find in small apartments. Painting opposite walls or vertical stripes on the room will make it look bigger and more spacious, as well as bringing out colors you may not have considered before.

small room decor for nurseries

The ceiling is the best place to decorate in a small nursery;

  • Paint it with bright colors and add exciting details such as birds, clouds, and stars.
  • Hang the curtains just above the window panes making the ceiling appear higher, and the windows look big. You should go for light or sheer-colored curtains.
  • You can also use pegboards to hang several objects in one place or also use ceiling hangings.

Vintage Baby Girl Nursery

Who says a vintage baby girl nursery has to be boring? With so many different textures and patterns, you can create an adorable space for your little one. 

You could paste floral wallpaper on the central wall just to make it exciting or cut out different printouts of fabrics and carefully glue them in the form of heirloom quilt curtains around windows. For decorating with lace-based bedding, choose cushions without ruffles but instead opt for ones that are sewed together using fabric scraps like chiffon sheets from your grandmother’s hope chest!

vintage theme for girl's nursery

For a complete vintage look, use simple and elegant accessories such as reused shutters as wall décor, old baby fashion frames, vintage handkerchiefs, or even the Victorian-era door knobs.

Cartoon-themed Baby Girl Nursery

A cartoon-themed nursery is a perfect place for your baby girl to play. You should first decide whether you are sticking with one cartoon or going universal before choosing a paint color and theme scheme that will be fun, bright, and inviting.

Cartoon-themed Baby Girl Nursery

A mural is essential for this theme. You should recreate Cinderella’s castle, Rapunzel’s tower, butterflies and rainbow, or anything else that you might feel is necessary at one of the corners. Your curtains and bedspreads should also have cartoon patterns to make this theme perfect. You can complete your baby girl nursery by adding accessories like Pooh bear soft toy, 101 Dalmatians quilt, and a Mickey Mouse bed lamp.


Make a baby girl’s nursery that is both secure and comforting for her. Keep in mind that she will spend most of her time there, so it should be designed with creativity to have fun too!

Babies are the best part about being alive – they’re our hope for tomorrow after all. When you create your little princess’s bedroom or playroom, make sure you keep safety priority number one when deciding on decorating choices like wall colors or patterns. 

Studies have shown over recent times how important these decisions can impact an infant’s development even before birth (consider what color paint might lead them astray!). There are plenty of ways to design a room where babies feel comfortable while still giving mommy peace-of

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